Make a strong first impression on social media, email campaigns, or for an upcoming performance with incredible images from Steven Tabor Photography.

There is definitely an art to a great Headshot; your online first impression. Don't trust your personal brand or professional image to anyone else.



A typical studio headshot session takes about two hours depending on wardrobe changes and if professional hair and makeup are elected.

Once in the studio, lighting is tailored and adjusted to complement each person uniquely.

It's important to allow plenty of time in your schedule to not feel rushed during your shoot.


In a session it is common for hundreds of photos to be taken with the intent of nailing at least three photos to be fully edited and professionally retouched. These photos will be duplicated with crop and or color variations

Hair and Makeup 

Decide beforehand if you would like professional hair and makeup for your session. The cost is $100 for each, individually, and will be brought in for you. 

Either way, be sure to bring anything with you to touch up or improve your grooming throughout the shoot, especially if you'll be changing clothes, e.g. hair products, brush, comb, makeup, and powder (important for men as well as women).


Keep it simple. Bring in 3-4 pre-selected outfits for the looks that you want to convey, that you feel good in.

Primary colors make an outfit pop, while black, white and light blue photograph well with most skin tones and various background colors. Solid colors avoid disorienting moire affects in the camera.

  • Consider matching accent items to your eye color

  • Flowing material, or layering shirts or jackets adds to the depth of the image

  • Accessories (earnings, necklaces, etc.) should be kept them in the same color or in complementary colors with each other

  • Shooting with a white, black or textured background is standard. You have the option to introduce color with hundreds of color combinations on site


The standard rate for a studio headshot session is $250 with professional retouching included.

Out-of-studio headshots and group sessions are also offered at varying rates. Call to discuss specifics.


In addition to the guidelines above, here are a couple of things to consider for a Business Headshot:

  • If shooting a company sponsored headshot identify the corporate requirements as many have restrictions

  • Be certain that logo'd apparel is especially clean and pressed


In addition to the guidelines above, here are a couple of things to consider for a Theatrical Headshot.

  • Professional hair and makeup are both recommended. (Additional fee of $100 individually)

  • Varying looks are critical to the role(s) you'll need to show that you can play, each requiring different outfits, such as:

    • Performer

    • Girl/guy next door​

    • Athlete

    • Professional

    • Slacker

    • Housewife

    • Hipster

    • Nerd


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