Professional marketing photography is one of the most valuable investments a healthy business can make to connect, educate and build immediate trust with prospective customers.

See an EXAMPLE below and the strategy that goes into a comprehensive Marketing shoot.


  • Capture images of the client that communicated strength, confidence and approachability

  • Showcase the office demonstrating: organization, attention to detail and differentiating technology

  • Photograph the staff in their natural setting as to familiarize customers with friendly faces at the P.O.S.

  • Identify the core products and clearly photograph them in a comfortable and clean setting

  • Create aesthetically pleasing images with use of professional hair and makeup

  • Feature relatable models to the target market


A successful marketing shoot begins with a clear understanding of the business objectives of the customer and the channels for use of the images. As we craft a unique strategy we will leverage your area of industry expertise with my Ivy League Business education and our combined professional experience. This consultative approach ensures that your money isn't wasted and our collective efforts yield results.


When properly implemented a marketing shoot like that above will free up time and resources allowing you to focus more precisely on your business' core competencies while enhancing your reach into your target market.


Marketing shoots are based on a half-day rate of $500 and charged in half-day or full-day increments which are estimated prior to the shoot so that there are no surprises. Full professional retouching is included for every photo. Models, hair and makeup are extra.

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